Low power consumption enables battery powered sensors

The use of battery powered sensors is growing within the manufacturing and technology industry as they can avoid the regulatory and high costs associated with hardwired devices. Through careful power management these sensors can run for many years run on a single battery or charge. When integrated with wireless communications networks this is a great way for large plant companies to build big data infrastructures.

Advantages to using wireless battery powered sensors:

  • Easy to install as there is no wiring necessary
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low cost product
  • Lowers power consumption for entire company, meaning they are energy efficient
  • Certain batteries, like lithium, can provide even longer charges over extended temperature range

These types of sensors can be used in a bunch of different situations, including temperature sensors, leak sensors and load sensors, all places a manufacturing company would like to monitor. Battery powered sensors are an excellent choice for companies to invest in as they have a variety of advantages and positive impacts on the business.


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