Carp Landfill Site in Ottawa

Our zero-configuration fully automated mesh wireless system in the Carp Landfill Site in Ottawa does not need any structures or towers, our nodes rely on near line of sight to the nearest unit only.

The Carp Landfill Site, like many waste management sites in Canada, is required by law to monitor wells located on the premise, to ensure that the leachate is not permitted to overflow the landfill liner (and contaminate the water table)

Landfill site management overview

Our products are perfect for managing landfill environmental and gas wells, as we can easily scale to cover a large area – without the need for direct line of sight to a central hub.

We knew that our product would be a cost effective and efficient solution to help Waste Management to meet stringent environmental regulations. What we didn’t know was just how much more cost effective and efficient our solution is from an operational standpoint but also compared to competing products.

The Carp Landfill Site boasts a gas-to-energy facility, whereby gas from the garbage is collected and converted in to consumable power. Our integrated well depth and gas flow monitoring tools not only help Waste Management meet environment regulations in ensuring that leachate is not contaminating ground water, but also in efficiently managing leachate levels in the gas-to-energy facility.

More recently, Plexus equipment was deployed to monitor the vibration of the 250HP gas vaccuum pump. Taking a reading every minute, the vibration data is fed back into a server where alarm set points can warn of a potential problem, and historic data can be used to for failure prediction analysis.