Industrial IoT – Smart Lighting Controls and Energy and Operations Monitoring Combined

The Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced a new generation of connected devices that use real-time data and let consumers make smarter decisions, which can save them money. These system devices are a network of interrelated computing and mechanical devices embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that have the ability to collect and transfer data without any human interaction.

Smart lighting controls and energy and operations monitoring require powerful design , high availability and architecture designed in order to satisfy high performance requirements. Industrial and commercial buildings can have large open spaces, high ceilings and operate in sometimes harsh environments.

IoT brings smart lighting control strategies that could include occupancy sensors, fire escape routes, daylight detection and scheduling to deliver lighting to different zones. Energy and appliance monitoring can help industrial companies with production lines and scheduling machinery in different areas of the building.

Plexus, in coordination with their business partner Synapse Wireless have developed a single unified dashboard that imports energy consumption data from multiple vendors appliances including lighting, motors, HVAC and machines. While the cloud based system is initially focused on energy consumption, costs and efficiency, The solution shows that building monitoring and control solutions make industrial facilities smarter, safer and more productive. In the future there could be new technologies that could emerge that could enable even a wider variety of IoT applications such as indoor positioning for safety (forklift trucks, overhead gantries) and asset management (storage, tracking).

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