IoT Brief – Electric Motor & Machine Monitoring

The recent growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices has introduced itself to the electric motor industry. There are a variety of problems in the motor industry, including building a more efficient motor. IoT devices and platforms can monitor the performance of these electrical motors to help companies understand the relationship between the motor and the machines performance.

IoT devices and platforms are embedded with software and network connectivity that allows them to collect and exchange information and data. These smart platforms are used in a variety of industries to improve processes and operations.

The real time data provided by these platforms is able to send information to plant manufacturers and the motors manufacturer, which gives them the opportunity to pinpoint the maintenance warning and correct the problem occurring before it leads to more damage. IoT platforms allow industrial technicians to find electrical motors that are consuming the most energy in the plant, in turn saving them time and money in the long run. Overall, IoT platforms can increase electric motor manufacturing operating efficiency, performance and power conditions, and provide an early warning of failure.

Monitoring electric motors in a manufacturer plant can reduce the overall operational cost and time by providing information to technicians, allowing them to replace and repair the motors before a larger problem occurs. Downtime costs, particularly when unexpected far outweigh the costs of performance monitoring.

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