Battery Powered Remote Wireless Systems

Plexus Controls range of ruggedized battery operated sensors are the fastest and lowest cost solution to get remote data into your desktop. Systems are available with a single or dual interface 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V. The key features of these systems are: Integrated or external long range antenna Battery powered (2 x C) no plant wiring or external power required Auto calibration and battery optimizer Reliable & scalable auto mesh wireless … Read more


Rugged Remote Terminal Units

The Rugged Remote Termination Unit R-100 Series of IWS nodes are ideally suited for locations in and around the station area and within 100ft of the hub unit, while the R-110 Series units can connect to neighboring R-110 nodes over 2km+ distance. Features & Benefits Accepts standard 4-20m A loop device (power provided) Optional differential pressure ports inputs Integrated sensor technology Integrate antenna (short range option) Reliable & Scalable auto … Read more


Gas Monitoring System

Plexus ground probe is designed for landfill perimieter methane & H2S monitoring. Providing either 2 or 3 probe inputs, the system draws a sample from each probe and tests for methane content. All readings are sent across the network for time and date stamping and logging at the hub. While the system has been deployed for methane monitoring, it can also be used to track other gases, such as carbon … Read more



Solar accessory kits allow all Plexus systems to operate independantly of external power. The kits include the panel, mounting brackets, and cable. The 10W panel (approx. 13″ x 8″) is ideal for our new mini RTU solutions, that include pressure measurement, low duty 4-20mA loop measurements and monitoring float switch or 0-5V peripherals. The 20W panel (approx. 19″ x 14″) is use for taking depth measurements using the internal compressor and supporting multiple … Read more


Portable Well Depth Manager

Enable field staff to take measurements from preconfigured sites with depth measurement tubes already installed, avoiding well cap removal and exposure to potentially harmful gasses. No false readings due to foaming or contamination asociated with traditional electrical tapes. Customers report they can take wellfiled measurement in half the time previously taken and with fewer errors. Using an internal air compressor, the system pressurizes a hose installed permanently inside the well and … Read more


Intelligent Wireless Ethernet Hub

Our Intelligent Wireless System (IWS) nodes provide advanced supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) functionality for commercial and industrial applications. With ‘out the box’ auto mesh wireless functionality, IWS nodes are easily installed at a remote location and connected to standard sensors, supporting 4-20mA ,  0-5V and internal integrated pressure and depth measurements. The data is securely stored on site on the IWS Hub and can be retrieved and archived … Read more


Data & Network Managment

Monitoring and managing your network is key to ensuring data integrity, and being able to flag both data and network alarms through email and sms. Plexus Controls Windows based graphical user interface provides a comprehensive and centralized map based system for your remote management needs, securely saving the local data cache for further processing. The handle Trimble unit can be used to locally monitor and manage systems in the field through … Read more

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