Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring

Industrial machines can now benefit from low cost vibration monitoring to provide an early warning that a machine needs attention. A sensing element, known as an accelerometer or displacement sensor is mounted on the machine and provides a response in a particular axis that can be measured. Early vibration monitoring sensors were single axis units, however the latest units are now 3-axis (x, y and z) and are integrated into the system.

Many different types of vibration monitoring systems are available on the market, most vibration monitoring solutions are sophisticated diagnostic systems that provide detailed analysis to an impending problem and possible root causes. Plexus Controls vibration monitoring solution is a low cost first response solution, that is, it is designed to provide early warning of a possible failure rather than a diagnostic tool. Plexus Controls vibration monitoring solution is designed to be affordable for widespread deployment in a plant or industrial site.

Plexus Controls triple axis vibration monitoring solution only takes a few minutes to install and is often performed by plant maintenance staff. After install, the vibration monitoring system will take a baseline ‘healthy’ reading that is then use to compare to future readings and set up alarm levels. The system is maintenance free and the battery life is expected to be 5 years+

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