Well Depth Measurement and Management

Well depth measurement and depth measurement in a tank can be a tough task if the liquid you are measuring is volatile or foaming.  Traditional methods of depth measurement using a drop down electrical tape that indicates when the surface is reached is suitable for a few applications but doesn’t work with containers that have gaseous or foaming liquids, and if a pressure sensor is used the project costs can be significant.

Plexus portable well depth measurement system, the Precision Level Reader (PLR) doesn’t just measure depth, it is a depth management system. The PLR uses a bubbler system to measure depth and report & log the values on a handheld PC or tablet. This allows the customer to fit out all their wells or tanks with a simple ¼” tube that the PLR will plug into. The handheld device communicates to the well depth measurement system to pump out the liquid in the tube and measure the depth. The handset holds all current and past readings for reference as well as the GPS coordinates of the well to reduce errors.

The Plexus well depth measurement system has a host of features that manages well depth and the well depth measurement process:

  • Uses Trimble TDS Nomad© or any Bluetooth enabled WM6 enabled tablet or handset
    • Displays depth, last reading, and logs (with time & date stamp) all information including any notes that are entered and saved against a particular well
    • Holds well information (depth, tube depth, height ASL, GPS coordinates)
    • Identifies well site by GPS coordinates as the operator is walking around and automatically brings up the right profile
  • Provides differential pressure connection for gas wells under pressure/vacuum
  • Safe for wells containing methane, hydrogen sulphide and other gasses (no need to remove any covers.
  • Integrated GPS to auto position unit and identify well under test.
  • Rugged outdoor solution fully protected against dust and water ingress.

To see a video of our well depth measurement system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCWkH4tTPqQ

For more information on Plexus well depth measurement system please visit: http://plexus-controls.com/product/portable-well-depth-manager/ or email us at info@plexus-controls.com

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