Plexus Controls are pleased to announce the release of our new Wireless Wires 4-20mA wireless solution. This new 4-20mA wireless solution adds a new module at the Control Panel to terminate the wireless signal from the Sensor and convert back into a 4-20mA or voltage signal, replacing the wires and simulating the same electrical interface into the Control Panel as the sensor. The 4-20mA wireless product provides a very cost effective solution to high installation costs in a commercial and industrial environment offering fast and easy install associated with wireless but still use the customer’s traditional PLC and sensor equipment. The 4-20mA wireless transmitter battery life is typically 3 years + depending on the read frequency of the sensor.

The IWS-R-025 transmitter and IWS-R-030 receiver are shipping now. Please contact us to receive the full datasheet and pricing for our 4-20mA wireless solution.

New Wireless Wires

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