At Plexus Controls we love standards too, and we do support them, but the costs are scary, and are too inefficient from a power management standpoint. That’s why we’re integrating some of the sensors into our product.

The Plexus Intelligent Wireless Remote Node (IWS-R) now has the ability to:

  • Measure gas flow through an integrated differential pressure sensor (detecting pressure drop through an orifice); and
  • Check the liquid depth measurement through an integrated bubbler system with differential pressure sensor (suitable to measure leachate depth in a gas extraction well.)

Our smart mesh system also offers battery back-up options and the ability to send warning messages should a power failure occur within one of the nodes. That’s just one of the many reasons why Plexus is so reliable.


Mobile Well Depth Measurement & Sampling

In addition to integrated monitoring applications, Plexus Controls is developing mobile tools to help manage environmental wells.

Our Mobile Well Tester is a complete, fully integrated portable depth measurement system with the following features:

  • A fully integrated gauge-differential pressure sensor for top detect and well depth measurements;
  • A 2×16 digital display, as well as audible and visual alerts;
  • Displays results in either Imperial or Metric measurements;
  • Rechargeable internal batteries; and
  • Is menu driven


In addition when installed at the wells, our environmental test kit in conjunction with our Mobile Well Testor, can provide deep well sampling capabilities and provide the following key advantages:

  • Sampling & depth measurement up to 50ft using a single handheld tool;
  • No sample agitation or aeration; and No throw away parts