Most SCADA sensor and DCS systems require a lot of setup – digging trenches, special mounting structures and towers – not to mention money. Plexus Controls is the industry exception. Our systems doesn’t need cable runs – and any industrial conduit installs over 10ft will likely cost more than a Plexus system.

Zero-Configuration Set Up

Our advanced intelligent wireless mesh systems offer ‘out the box’ deployment that enables you to self-install a sensor product within minutes. Once a sensor Remote Termination Unit (RTU) is turned on it automatically searches for and connects to the next unit. The node will then search for and connect back to the hub.


Our system is truly wireless – meaning you won’t be digging to lay expensive cables, or erecting costly towers. Our system is based on near line of sight technology. So long as one module can see another, Plexus Controls works seamlessly and reliably.

Even power isn’t a problem. Plexus power-smart systems run on a variety of power sources, and our products take a ‘power nap’ in between measurements.

Plexus Controls modules are compact (20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm) and lightweight (as low as 1.36 kg) meaning you won’t require special structures to hold them.

You won’t just be saving on infrastructure costs, however, Plexus Controls modules are the most competitively priced RTU and DCS offering on the market.