Wireless mesh technology is the most reliable communications solution available. Unlike wires or point to multipoint systems, mesh technology can establish multiple redundant paths back to the hub and server.

Instant Reliability

Once a module or IWS-R is turned on it automatically searches for and connects to its neighbour. The node will then search for and connect to the hub (IWH).

If one of the nodes goes down in between, the IWS-R simply searches for another available path to re-establish communications. This dynamic multiple hop capability routes traffic back to the hub system providing a superior reliability in connectivity. Our smart mesh system also offers battery back-up options and the ability to send warning messages should a power failure occur on any of the nodes.

Fast & Efficient

Plexus isn’t just fast out of the box. Our products have an integrated micro controller facilitating local processing and decision making. Local data processing means super low latency response times and output switching. Better yet, our products are reliable and scalable.

Our products provide the follow levels for decision and action – all independent of the central site:

  • Remote (IWS-R)
  • Hub (IWS-H)
  • Central Server

The innate flexibility of Plexus Controls enables sensor and site level action and decisions at much faster reaction times than traditional centralized systems.

Our distributed processing system is ideal for millisecond response times and improves network bandwidth.

As big or as small as you need it

Using 900MHz or 2.4GHz 802.15.4 (Zigbee) communications in unlicensed spectrum, Plexus Controls is scalable to over a 1000 nodes in a single location and up to 30 hops from the hub node.

Plexus Controls is ideal for monitoring large, remote areas with a communication distance between nodes of over 2 km.