Expertise meets new technology. Plexus Controls is redefining remote monitoring and control solutions through innovative IoT products.

We set up fast. We process fast​

Plexus Controls products are fast to deploy. Our products have built in sensors or can easily interface to your existing sensors and systems. The sensors automatically connect to the Plexus hub over a secure wireless connection. The Plexus hub allows monitoring of the sensors locally or remotely and has extensive alarm and data collection capabilities including e-mail; SMS alerts; database backup and MODBUS.

No Power? No Problem

At Plexus, wireless really means wireless – no signal wires and no plant power wires required (application dependent). Our ultra-low power intelligent wireless nodes offer you multiple power options. Why not try our new battery operated 4-20mA loop unit, only 2 wires to connect (the unit provides sensor power) and it’s up and running!

We play well with others

We know you paid top dollar for your existing monitoring products and would like to use what you have for as long as you can. Plexus Controls fully supports MODBUS TCP legacy communications at our gateway hub, and seamlessly integrate into existing systems.

Integrated Sensors​

At Plexus Controls we love standards too, but the costs are scary. That’s why we offer integrated temperature, pressure and well depth sensors into our product for lower costs and even longer battery life.