Graphical user interface (GUI) is a human-computer interface, meaning a way for humans to interact with electronic devices, that uses graphical icons, visual indicators and menus that can be manipulated by a mouse and sometimes keyboard. GUIs were introduced to the market in response to a simplified way to interact with electronic devices, in contrast to the older traditional way , which required commands to by typed on a computer keyboard.

With low cost processing power and memory devices GUIs are used in a multitude of devices in today’s industry, such as cellphones, gaming devices, household computers and industrial monitoring and controls. The term is used specifically for two-dimensional display screens that are able to present a visualisation of the application, through diagrams, pictures, graphs and text.

GUI displays can be used in industrial settings for monitoring and alarm system purposes. They can be set up as stand alone systems (internal to a business or premises) that aid businesses in monitoring machinery and alarming operators when something is wrong, and/or located centrally to aggregate and display performance over multiple sites A typical screen using a GUI application may show green circle icon representing a machine in normal operation, with the icon changing to a yellow or red triangle when alerting the operator to a machine alarm.

Plexus Controls offers commercial and industrial monitoring systems with GUI displays for their machinery monitoring and control needs. Systems are low cost solutions for companies that may require data to demonstrate regulatory compliance or process efficiency.

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