Monitoring systems are designed to control and manage equipment at facilities that often have multiple machines and processes. . These systems can help companies automate processes, while managing data from sensors to help with efficiency and overall safety. Monitoring systems can provide employees with notifications for a variety of things, including when something is about to or has gone wrong. The systems can help companies identify and resolve issues before they become a larger problem and save them money in the long run.

Many companies have multiple sites and require data to be available both locally and centrally. Local gateways collect the sensor information and provide web based appliance monitoring and base reporting capabilities. Independently a single site gateway can provide machine level reports with alarming capability and notification and must cache data to maintain record integrity. Local process managers and maintenance staff will often refer to the gateways information to improve their plants efficiency.

Gateways installed across multiple sites can still work independently but also their database with a central site. Across multiple sites and gateways this enables corporate level numbers to be utilized in many ways including process synchronization, process and machine performance comparisons, CAPEX and OPEX budgeting, energy management etc.   

Plexus controls can install commercial and industrial low cost monitoring systems for your company, to help you monitor and manage multiple sites. Contact us to learn more about our monitoring solutions and to see how our services can help you.