Plexus Provides Data & Networking Management

Plexus understands that monitoring and managing your manufacturing processes is key to industrial companies optimising their performance. This type of system can ensure process integrity and allow companies to flag both data and network alarms through email and text messages. The data management system provides a comprehensive and centralized map based system for your remote management needs by securely time and date stamping all data and saving in a local data cache for further processing.

There are a variety of remote sensor products offering many features and benefits, including:

  • Portable or fixed solutions
  • Wireless mesh network connectivity
  • Full on-site logging, monitoring for alarms and email and text messages
  • Installation and calibration tools

Plexus also gives companies the option to initially build a stand-alone system with a simple graphic user interface management system with email and text message notifications, and in future add a full back end centralised server solution offering data aggregation and backup services.. This flexibility  is very cost effective for companies and can allow their network requirements to grow with their business…  

Contact us to learn more about our data and networking management systems and how we can help you. We are here to make your life easier through the use of remote data acquisition and management systems!

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