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Smart Portable Liquid Level Measurement

The industrial level sensors are devices that can be used to monitor or determine the liquid or solid level in a well, vessel, tank, or any other container used as part of a system or process. Different kinds of industrial level sensors are employed in manufacturing and industrial process control settings and systems. The industrial level sensors keep track of the amount of product in storage containers. Their usage extends past manufacturing and industrial environments.

Plexus Smart Portable Level Reader

The Plexus Controls Precision Level Reader System (PLR) permits field staff to use the portable system to take water depth measurements from sites with depth measurement tubes already installed, avoiding well cap removal and exposure to potentially harmful gasses.
Using an internal air pump, the PLR pressurizes a hose that is installed permanently inside the well and calculates the water depth from the pressure (or differential pressure) value.
The system offers a host of user features to speed up the read and data logging process such as local save and recall of well site information (casing height ASL, tube depth), and provides a water level calculation of height above sea level.


In addition the systems optional GPS interface provides an automated site location feature.
The data log will save well name, location and time and date
to a csv file for downloading . Alarm features such as hose connection integrity and blocked hose helps to identify any fault condition with the measurement. The PLR uses the Trimble TDS Nomad © hardware platform any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 hardware with Bluetooth installed.