Sensor systems are designed to monitor and control a variety of large facilities and versions of machinery used in manufacturing plants and factories. These systems can automate activities and manage data from sensors to imporve machine safety, efficiency and effectiveness. As the number and complexity of these systems increase a key part is to enable automatic alarms and notifications. This reduces the staff needed to run processes and operate the machines and at the same time ensure provide notifications to staff (email, sms) when something has gone wrong. This can help companies save money and prevent issues (downtime, waste etc) with product and materials before it becomes a larger problem.

Installing these systems in factories that use heavy machinery on a daily basis helps companies prolong and preserve the life length of their machines, and run a much more efficient operation. Using remote alarm notification these monitoring systems can help companies manage processes and prevent machinery issues before they happen. After setup, the system will send alarm notifications to users, indicating factors such as over temperature, over current, under pressure, blockages, excess vibration etc in order to help them manage the machinery and fix potential problems in a timely manner. 

Plexus controls designs and installs commercial and industrial low cost monitoring systems to help your company manage machinery through alarm notifications. Contact us to learn more about our monitoring solutions and how we can help you!