Why Choose Plexus Controls?

Plexus Controls is a leading Canadian designer and manufacturer of wireless monitoring and control products including solar and battery powered mesh systems. Plexus offers smart technologies to a variety of commercial and industrial customers at a  lower cost of ownership than our competitors. We are redefining remote monitoring and control solutions through new IoT products. 

Fast Set Up

Many of our products include built in sensors or can easily be set up to with your existing processes, appliances sensors and system. The sensor will automatically connect to the gateway over a secure wireless connection. The gateway allows you to monitor the sensors locally or remotely and it also has data collection capabilities and alarm option including email and text message. All of our systems are easy to set up and can usually be completed using local maintenance staff. 

Low Cost

Monitoring systems have traditionally been too costly to be universally deployed, and have been only used for the most critical systems. At Plexus we offer our clients monitoring  solutions that justify wide coverage without the traditional high costs.Our sensor and monitoring systems are built with the best products and technology, but the total cost of ownership is lower. With no electrical work or custom engineering requirements, Plexus modules offer the most competitively priced on the market. 

We Play Well With Others

We understand that you may have paid a lot for your existing monitoring products and systems, which is why you may wish to continue using the equipment you already have. Our solutions can integrate with your existing systems at any level. Plexus fully supports MODBUS TCP & MODBUS RTU communications at our gateway, and accepts standards based analog and digital IO’s.

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