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Drone Application Development

Plexus Controls utilises cutting edge technology to manufacture custom built drones and accompanying systems to solve specific problems in your industry. For many years, many solutions and software offered to a large number of industries have made it difficult to achieve feasible scalability and cost efficient methods.

Sensors & Drones

Our custom drone solutions are built to fit seamlessly into business operations and provide feasible, scalable and cost-efficient methods to solve your problems. During the development process, our sole focus is to fit within the needs of your business and tailor end-user support to increase bottom-line efficiency.

Sensors for drones are increasingly being used for surveying, mapping, and inspections in several industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, environmental management, and waste management.
Combining sensors in drones is important because they play an essential role. They collect information and perform operations, making drones useful. As the sensors develop and allow a broader range of applications, drone multifunctionality improves and increases.

Detailed High-resolution Maps

The optical gas imaging technology is used in UAVs to detect gas leakages, such as methane, propane, butane, sulfur hexafluoride and hundreds of other industrial gases. Instrument performance, environmental use conditions, and human factors affect leak detection capabilities.

Due to its ability to detect gas leakage, Optical Gas Imaging can also be considered a highly specialised version of an infrared or thermal imaging camera.

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