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Landfill Well Gas Analysis (18 well sites monitoring Oxygen, temperature and pressure)

Well Sites Monitoring Oxygen, Temperature and Pressure

Landfill Well Gas Analysis well sites monitoring oxygen temperature and pressure

Plexus Controls offers data acquisition specifically designed for well monitoring applications. Our remote well monitoring systems report back to a central server where the Oxygen, Temperature and Pressure data is integrated into a data historian.

Distributed Control Systems Oxygen/Pressure/Temperature

Landfill Gas Monitoring is a technique that involves using a portable methane meter near the landfill’s surface to measure concentrations while traversing the site.
the IWS Methane and Oxygen Gas Analysis System (GAS) can be easily installed at a flare or well site using the 2” gas pod either mounted in the vertical riser or horizontal position. The IWS-R-2PT takes a reading 24 times a day (programmable). Oxygen content (% volume), system static pressure and gas temperature is taken and reported via MODBUS TCP or Plexus database portal at the gateway. The system gateway provides functionality including alarm email/sms notification and GUI map display via a webpage. The gateway system stores all readings with date/time stamp. All data may be downloaded a regular basis (programmable) or continuously monitored in real time over a WAN connection such as a cell modem.

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  • Oxygen, Pressure and temperature content analysis for biogas monitoring
  • Gas Oxygen content: Integrated digital fluorescence quenching technology with 1 year sensor calibration
  • Gas Pressure: static vacuum (digital)
  • Gas Temperature: C or F (digital)
  • MODBUS TCP support (at gateway)
  • Sealed flexible conduit cable between system and sensing pod (approx. 6ft)
  • Rugged cast aluminum enclosure for all weather operation
  • Rugged 2” schedule 80 sensing pod with screw cap access for calibration & servicing
  • LiFePO4 9.9Ah Rechargeable Battery with Solar Controller

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