The rise of cloud databases for big data is continually growing in the technology industry. Cloud computing and databases are becoming increasingly popular for companies in order to process big data and provide processing power needed for data analysis.

A cloud database is a database services that usually is built and delivered on a cloud (remote, network accessed) computing platform. These types of systems allow users to organize, manage and retrieve large amounts of data (often referred to as big data). Big data is data sets that are so large and complex that traditional data processing software are inadequate to deal with it. Challenges with big data include capturing data, storage, process and analysis, sharing and transferring.

Cloud databases are the answer for companies to store and compute big data. This system are new technologies that are going to become an important solution for companies to interact with big data and processing power. Cloud computing has made it easier to provide the best technology to companies in the most cost-effective way. In addition, cloud services such as offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google provide the system reliability and backup services needed.

Plexus Controls offers commercial and industrial companies cloud based monitoring systems for their big data requirements. These systems are low cost solutions for companies that deal with a large amount of big data.

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