IoT product installation can really set back a company’s interest to monitor processes. Not just the time and costs associated with the installation work, but the potential interruption to the process itself.

Monitoring and control systems can provide insight to companies with the functionality and operation of their large facilities, like factories and power plants. These monitoring and control systems can basically automate activities that go on in these facilities, by receiving data from control sensors that will in turn provide key information to the operator for action, or directly to apply control to the process (ex. shut down a pump in case of leak detection).

Plexus monitoring and control systems are wireless, meaning installation does not require any cables making installation even simpler. Our systems work seamlessly and have proven reliable in the field, Plexus differentiator is our cost effectiveness and ease of install.

There is no need for long installation times anymore for companies to install necessary monitoring systems. Our battery operated systems are often installable by the customers maintenance staff. The Plexus installation process for improved monitoring and control systems is as install friendly as it will get in the market and we are here to help companies reach their full potential within their facilities.