The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a popular topic of conversation in the workplace as it has the potential to impact how we work. But many people don’t know what the Internet of Things encompasses and what it means.

What is The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a concept of connecting any device with information to the internet and to each other. This can include everything from cellphones, coffee makers, headphones, lamps and almost anything else you can think of. This also applies to components of machines, such as motors, conveyors, mixers etc that may form a specific section of a production line in a factory. The IoT is a large network that connects all of these devices and reports, manages and controls them.

Why is this useful?

Using The Internet of Things can make our lives a lot more connected and easier to find out information quickly. It can also help us reduce waste and improve efficiency for things that use energy. That being said, IoT can help us understand and improve the way we work and live through the connection of our devices and machinery. In reality, IoT allows for an endless amount of opportunities and connections to take place. This can be very useful in the workplace as it can help with processes and simplifying tasks. IoT is a key component for companies to support business decisions and to improve productivity.

Conversations about IoT are taking place around the world and constantly continuing to grow. Many people are trying to understand the opportunities IoT can provide us as well as challenges it poses.