For industrial and commercial markets there many technologies available to measure the liquid level in a well, tank or container. These include:

  • Electric tape (manual, top down to surface)
  • Single/multi float switches
  • Capacitance probes
  • Immersed pressure sensor
  • Immersed tube connected to a compressor and pressure sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor (top down to surface)
  • Laser sensor (top down to surface)
  • Weight (gravimetric level measurement)

The best choice for a particular application depends on the liquid, the container and the accuracy required. Generally, the solution price is also tied to the accuracy but in some cases (such as class 1 environments) the physical requirements significantly drive costs. As a guide, the following considerations determine the most suitable technology:

Liquid: toxicity, density, conductivity, motion (including foaming)

Container: size, material, shape

Accuracy: budget dependent with laser the most accurate (and highest cost) and electrical tape the least accurate. 

All systems with the exception of the electrical tape can be directly connected to a local display, logged with time/date stamp and/or networked (wired/wireless) and provided on-line.

Some systems are available on mobile platforms, utilizing a handheld device such as a Trimble Nomad to provide the depth display and management.

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